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How Does It Work?

1. Simply push your portable waterproof Health Watch Help Button or the emergency button on the console.

2. Your Health Watch Alert System will be immediately activated, and a 2-way voice communication will be established with a trained emergency operator at our U.L. Underwriters Laboratories listed monitoring station (the operator has instant on-line access to your profile which includes crucial information provided by you).

3. If you are able to communicate with the operator, they will quickly assess the situation and immediately get you the help you need from a family member, friend, neighbor or EMS.

4. If you are unable to communicate with the operator, they will immediately dispatch EMS.

5. The operator will then notify the appropriate parties on your "designated contact call list" to inform them that a medical emergency alarm has been received and the rescue squad is responding.

Our #1 Concern is YOUR SAFETY!!
Let us be part of your family & you'll never be alone!

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